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Anticipating what amount of Sexting Couples and you may Sexting Regularity

Anticipating what amount of Sexting Couples and you may Sexting Regularity

Analysis Analysis

The information and knowledge had been reviewed having fun with SPSS software (v. 20). Having RQ1, independent t-tests was basically used to compare exactly how many sexting partners and you may new regularity out-of giving sexts between MSM for the Hong kong and you will MSM into the Taiwan. RQ2 try worried about just how many the newest participants’ sexting partners. Once the number of sexting lovers are a count adjustable, a bad binomial regression research that have a log link setting was used. How many sexting lovers was lay just like the based adjustable. RQ3 and you can RQ4 were addressed playing with a couple independent several linear regressions, function the brand new volume from delivering sexts and the regularity out of sexting under great pressure since oriented variables, correspondingly.


RQ1 compared the fresh sexting behaviors ranging from MSM in Hong kong and you will MSM inside the Taiwan. Desk step one provides a list of the fresh participants’ sexting practices. Regarding the Hong kong shot, 67.3% of your participants advertised having one sexting mate within the the very last 90 days ahead of they complete the fresh questionnaire; regarding the Taiwanese sample, 74.3% of your participants reported that have at least one sexting companion. On average, professionals in the Hong-kong had step three.94 sexting couples, and you may members into the Taiwan got 4.44 sexting people from inside the exact same several months. New independent t-take to presented no significant difference, t(80step one) = ? step 1.twenty-two, p = 0.twenty-two, with regards to the amount of sexting couples between MSM when you look at the both countries. Regarding the wavelengths regarding delivering sexts, getting sexts, and sexting under some pressure, t-examination displayed no significant differences when considering both countries both: sending sexts, equal variances not presumed, t() = step 1.01, p = 0.313; researching sexts, equivalent variances maybe not presumed, t() = step one.59, p = 0.112; and you can sexting under some pressure, t(801) = 0.62, p = 0.534.

Desk dos shows the brand new zero-acquisition correlations between your significant variables. The brand new correlations between your independent variables were poor. Multicollinearity is actually next checked out using computing brand new variance rising cost Tomsk women dating of living issues, that have been the lower than 2, recommending one no multicollinearity was contained in the dataset.

Table 2 Setting, basic deviations, and you may no-acquisition correlations regarding major parameters Dining table 3 Negative binomial regression research to possess anticipating just how many sexting lovers

RQ3 asked how the various psychological variables were related to the frequency of sending sexts among MSM in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively. Table 4 presents the results of the multiple regression analysis. Only sensation-seeking (b = 0.12, 95% CI [0.04, 0.20], p Table 4 Multiple regression analysis for the frequency of sending sexts Table 5 Multiple regression analysis for sexting under pressure


Research has consistently shown one to MSM participated in sexting with greater regularity than just its heterosexual competitors did (Bianchi mais aussi al., 2021; Morelli et al., 2016). According to such conclusions, this research tested the standards leading to sexting certainly one of MSM. The fresh study's work with Hong kong and Taiwan and additionally complemented the fresh mostly Around the world Northern-focused literary works. This study looked how feeling-trying, gay term misunderstandings, and you will muscularity finest were connected with just how many sexting lovers together with wavelengths of sending sexts and you can sexting under some pressure. The results indicated that certain MSM receive sexting is an effective sensation-satisfying passion, many had been at risk of sexting under some pressure. The outcomes towards Hong-kong and you may Taiwanese samples weren't constantly consistent, which indicated the necessity of considering regional specificity when you look at the sexting look.

Previous browse revealed that feeling-looking to was of risky sexual points, instance unsafe sex, and you can book products, like the use of internet dating (Chan, 2017; Valkenburg & Peter, 2007; Wang mais aussi al., 2021). This study found that, surprisingly, MSM which have a more powerful feelings-seeking to feature during the Hong-kong got more sexting partners but were not more involved with sending sexts. not, MSM with a healthier feeling-trying attribute inside Taiwan was basically a great deal more involved with sending sexts but did not have way more sexting partners. These types of contradictory overall performance reflect that same mental faculties may have more behavioral signs in different countries.